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Due to the limited cross section of the bearings is the installation process of vital importance for the functioning of the rolling bearings. The exterior measurements of the bearings and the modification parts need to be designed accordingly.


By choosing exact tolerance classes and with that the constricted gage tolerance of the bearings, the choice of fit for the modification parts becomes easier. The resulting limitations of roundness and impact coefficient through the use of tolerance classes results in a considerable smoother run of the bearings.


The same guidelines in accordance with ISO 286 for traditional steel bearings are true in regards to the design of the bearing carriers of CEROBEAR hybrid rolling bearings for convolution and case carriers. Primary attention should be directed towards the choice of gage, form and tolerance of the bearing for higher accuracy of the bearing calculation.


When designing the bearing carriers for ceramic bearings, especially for radial bearings, a variety of specialties need to be considered. One needs to consider the different thermal expansion coefficients of ceramic bearing rings and modification parts made of steel under high operating temperatures. Due to the small expansion coefficient of ceramic is the room temperature for convolution fits at higher operating temperature always tighter and the casing fit always wider. The choice of the right fit is therefore a lot more differentiated as in the case of steel bearings. Furthermore, the fit design needs to be adjusted to the present load.


For further information regarding the installation please contact our technical advisor.


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