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CEROBEAR hybrid spindle roller bearings for machine tool spindles

The floating bearing side in spindles for machine tool applications is more and more designed with a spindle roller bearing. This solution allows an enhancement of the complete system stiffness. Simultaneously engineering effort and required space can be reduced compared to the conventional solutions with two spindle ball bearings and sliding sleeve.


CEROBEAR hybrid spindle roller bearings are the consequent further development of this solution. The use of silicon nitride rollers permits to reach rotational speeds that were reserved to spindle ball bearings in the past. The use of the mating materials silicon nitride and high-quality bearing steel leads to an enhanced stiffness of the bearing and thus the whole spindle. Furthermore bearing friction in hybrid bearings is significantly lower than in steel bearings. This leads to lower wear and lower bearing temperatures finally resulting in prolonged bearing life and reduced maintenance costs for the spindles.



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