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The use of CEROBEAR ceramic bearings for magnetic resonance imaging in medical technology

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, also known as nuclear spin tomography) creates high- resolution pictures of the human body and has become an indispensable component in clinical diagnosis and research. MRI’s, unlike computer tomography, have no side effects since the imaging technique relies on magnetic fields instead of x- rays. The innovative Tim Technology of Siemens makes it for the first time possible to have a full- body image of highest quality in an exceptionally short amount of time. This eliminates the hassle of repositioning the patient.


Movable magnetic assembly parts within the magnetic fields can lead to interfering impulsions. To eliminate these interferences, Cerobear ceramic bearings, made from silicon nitride, are completely amagnetic and therefore used in day beds to aid the positioning of the patient. Furthermore, Cerobear bearings can run dry without requiring any lubrication. This again eliminates the use of elaborate sealing methods which would be otherwise necessary to keep the sterile atmosphere active.


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