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Customized rolling bearings

Apart from ISO series bearings, CEROBEAR also manufactures custom-made hybrid rolling bearings for your specific application case. These bearings are also available in low quantities.


Following, a selection of possible adaptations and special shapes:


Free choice of the bearing dimensions

Apart from standard DIN sizes, the dimensions of Cerobear rolling bearings can also be individually adapted to our customer's requirements. This means that bearings with different overall dimensions can be manufactured.

Adjustment of the bearing tolerances

CEROBEAR hybrid rolling bearings are usually manufactured in the tolerance class P6 (ABEC 3) according to DIN 620. However, we are also able to manufacture the bearings in tolerance classes P5 (ABEC 5) or P4 (ABEC 7) and adapt the tolerances to specific customer requirements.

Adjustment of bearing play and contact angle

CEROBEAR hybrid rolling bearings are manufactured in the bearing play classes C1 to C5 for radial bearing play as specified in DIN 620. The common contact angles for angular contact ball bearings are 15°, 25° and 40°. In addition, the bearing play and contact angle can also be individually adjusted to the requirements of the specific application. If the bearing play is non-standard, this is identified with the suffix CX in the bearings matchcode.

Adjustment of the bearing stiffness

The stiffness of the bearing can be adjusted to the requirements of the respective application by varying the number of rolling elements in bearings of the same type.

Use of special materials

Different and special materials can be used for the various bearing components while taking into account the operating conditions. This permits an optimum adaptation of the bearing to the application.





Adjustment of the bearing seal

CEROBEAR manufactures bearings with various seal solutions as required. For example, it is possible to manufacture sealing washers with an overlap or gap to the counter surface of the bearing ring.

Bearing with oil duct

If the bearings are directly lubricated with oil, suitable oil ducts and grooves can be manufactured in the outer ring as required by the customer. Different positioning of bore holes is also possible.

Integrated thread

The inner and outer rings of CEROBEAR rolling bearings can be manufactured with integrated threads. This reduces the constructional work for the overall structural design.

Anti-rotation devices

Various types of anti-rotation devices are available to fix the bearing to the mating parts or associated components.

Integrated splines

Rolling bearings can be manufactured with integrated splines if necessary. This extends the functions of the bearing and allows a more compact overall design.

Integrated designs

CEROBEAR rolling bearings can provide functions that go far beyond those of classical rolling bearings, thanks to integrated designs. This enables a more compact and efficient surrounding structure.

Flanged bearings

Rolling bearings can be manufactured with various flange geometries according to the customer's requirements.

Coated bearings

The various steel components of a CEROBEAR rolling bearing can be coated, depending on the application case. The advantages of such a coating include not only minimised friction but also wear protection, a longer service life and chemical inertness. Coating types include DLC and WCC coatings that are deposited by the PVD or PECVD coating methods. Layer thicknesses of between 1 and 10 µm are possible.

Bearings with steel rolling elements

If ceramic rolling elements cannot be used, bearings with steel rolling elements can also be supplied, if allowed by the operating conditions.


Integrated sensors and actuators

The behaviour of rolling bearings will be increasingly monitored by sensors and actively influenced by actuators in the future. The pressure and temperature are measured directly in the rolling contact patch by means of thin-film technology. CEROBEAR is actively involved in the development of such systems.

Our technical support service will be pleased to be of assistance in designing a customized CEROBEAR hybrid rolling bearing for your application case.


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